Completely Aside from what it means to whites,

Scientology offers to the black people of America a wonderful chance.

The world's primary study of the mind has a long and excellent record of success across the world in improving the opportunities of Man.

If Scientology were to be used by the black people of America, the gains for which they have striven so hard in the social world would be guaranteed.

Scientology can increase intelligence, improve personality and bring personal power and alertness to any person to whom it is applied.

It may seem at first a difficult subject, but it is not. It is far easier than common school subjects.

Many black people have already studied it to [a] professional level. The gates of Scientology are wide open to black people. A professional Scientologist has more social standing and ability to help than any other professional field.

If black people, even on a part-time basis, studied it and used it upon other black people, if black centers were to be set up in America for black people, the standard of ability, social activity and intelligence would be increased far beyond any future possible loss.

Look into Scientology and use it to help your own people. Let them truly walk in the sun and take their place among the most Brilliant People on Earth! -- L. Ron Hubbard